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      "Martin," she gasped at last, frozen by his angry gaze, "is there anything wrong?"

      "Very well in their way, but not half cheery enough for a lonely little woman beside the Fowey river. You ought to have had Allegra. It would have been better for you and better for her. She is tired of the Art school; and the other pupils are tired of her. They are very fond of her; but she has done all the work twice over, and there is nothing more for her to do, unless we meant her to enter the Royal[Pg 85] Academy and go in seriously for art, Mrs. Meynell tells me. According to that lady's account my sister must be an Admirable Crichton in petticoats."

      "You have been all that is dear and good," Isola answered softly, "and I shall feel dreadfully lonely without you; but it won't be for long. And I shall be so comforted by the knowledge that nothing can come between you and your life's happiness.""Cut us!" echoed Belinda; "the Angler's Nest cutting Glenaveril is rather too absurd an idea."

      Allegra gave a little scream, and almost dropped her cup."Tabby, there is my offering from the Indies. May it keep you warm when you run out upon your mysterious errands on autumn evenings, as you used to do in my mother's time. Sit down, pray; I have lots to say to you."

      Do you mean Miss Chetwynde? asked Trafford, gravely.


      "Rome! I should like to see Rome before I die, Martin; if it were not too troublesome for you"



      She glided in and stood looking down at the flushed face and staring blue eyes.They all boarded at the La Fayette, but as they were very poor there was very little to eat. They would dine upon ?ufs la neige, and spend the evening without a fire, wrapped in fur cloaks to keep out the cold of the early spring. M. de Montagu always had declared he had only had one good dinner in Holland, and that was one night when he dined with General Van Ryssel.