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      "That's a Cap'n, you fool," said one of the guards.

      "Never," shouted the 'Squire, who had begun to recover his self-confidence. "Never, as long as I live. I've sworn allegiance to the Southern Confederacy, and won't take no other oath.""Twelve new witnesses have just been brought to me, sir, whose existence I never suspected."

      He softly rubbed his chin against her cheek. Pen liked it. I. The Regiment will be paraded for inspection tomorrow

      Mrs. Bolster had let go of Simmons as this exordium proceeded, as she felt that he was in good hands."'It's a lie, of course,' said he. 'A Jew'd rather lie than eat, any day. Then you're one of them St. Louis Dutchthem imported Hessians. They're all dead against us. They all ought to be killed. I ought to kill you myself for being so cussed mean to me.'

      Si jumped to his feet, for the mules were charging directly for his fire, and were almost upon him. He dropped paper, pan and pencil, and jumped to one side, just in time to avoid a rush which scattered his fire, his carefully-prepared bed, and all his be longings under 24 flying, hard-pounding hoofs.


      Si looked, and saw Mrs. Bolster striding toward them. Shorty hung back instinctively for an instant, and then braced up and bade her good morning.



      drawed off a good many. We doant complain, however, for the"If you'll wait a moment I'll get it for you," said Pen.