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      On her granddaughter's brow Madame Valcour saw the murk of the storm. "The lightning must strike some time, you are thinking, eh?" she simpered.

      Do you remember our bargain, Varley? she said. I promised that if ever I were in trouble that I would come back to you, and you promised to take me.

      He looked down and pulled some letters toward him."Yes, that while none of these is large enough in his view to stop him by itself, yet combined they--"

      "Ah, my dear, did I ever give him the very least right to pick me out in that manner? No. Except in that one pretty way he has with all of us--and which you know so well--"

      You have every right to ask me that question, Mr. Howard. It is my duty to answer. I have come in search of my wife.Away trotted the handsome span while five pairs of beautiful eyes searched the three printed sheets, that bore--oh, marvellous fortune!--not one of the four names writ largest in those five hearts. Let joy be--ah, let joy be very meek while to so many there is unutterable loss. Yet let it meekly abound for the great loved cause so splendidly advanced. Miranda pointed Anna to a bit of editorial:


      Yes, Esmeralda, he said, breathlessly. Im here. Did you think I should not come after you? Did you think I should not know where you had gone when you took flight?


      From Southern Mississippi and East Louisiana all the grays who marched under the slanting bayonet or beside the cannon's wheel were gone. Left were only the "citizen" with his family and slaves, the post quartermaster and commissary, the conscript-officer, the trading Jew, the tax-in-kind collector, the hiding deserter, the jayhawker, a few wounded boys on furlough, and Harper's cavalry. Throughout the Delta and widely about its grief-broken, discrowned, beggared, shame-crazed, brow-beaten Crescent City the giddying heat quaked visibly over the high corn, cotton, and cane, up and down the broken levees and ruined highways, empty by-ways, and grass-grown railways, on charred bridges, felled groves, and long burnt fence lines. The deep, moss-draped, vine-tangled swamps were dry.


      God! I must be dreaming! he muttered.Why, certainly! exclaimed Lady Wyndover. My dear child, you are the luckiest girl I ever heard of. Write and tell Lady Lilias that you will come on Thursday. That will give us four days, and Cerise can do wonders in four daysif she likes.