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      "Good-by, Jake," called the other, and waved. His friend watched the train vanish into the forest. Then, as his horse was brought, he mounted and moved back toward the city.It does not matter, she said; and, for the same reason as before, her tone was constrained and cold.

      Trust me that, with all her seeming simplicity, she knows the worth of the bargain she has made. Do you think that you are the first man who has made love to her?But this: "Connie thinks he 'inclines' to me. Ho! all he's ever said has been for his far-away friend. I wish he would incline, or else go ten times as far away! Only not to the war--God forbid! Ah, me, how I long for his inclining! And while I long he laughs, and the more he laughs the more I long, for I never, never so doted on any one's laugh. Oh, shame! to love before--"

      No; she can not have heard of it. I will go up to town.

      I am sorry, said Varley in his most languid tones. I have something I want to say to her very badly. Do you know when she is coming back?


      The maids smiled and looked down.


      "His theories were so convincing," sighed Flora.